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Joseph Natoli

Joseph Natoli

Joseph P Natoli is a retired college professor and author of numerous books on culture and politics.
He is a member of the editorial collective of BAD SUBJECTS, the oldest political online magazine on the web.
He writes regularly for a number of political and pop culture online magazines, including SENSES OF CINEMA, BRIGHT LIGHTS FILM JOURNAL, POPMATTERS, AMERICANA, DANDELION SALAD, GODOT, TRUTHOUT

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    Anthony Bernardo

    Good article. I was initially puzzled by the lack of reference to religion as an additional factor, but you got to that at the end. I believe religion has also been shamelessly used as a tool by those happy to keep a divide and conquer strategy to maintain their own positions of power. Our rights derived from the natural order devised by God are not dependent on the US being a Christian nation, as those desiring a”Christian caliphate” claim to maintain unquestioning observance to the so called American way of life. The freedom and independence to be or not be a Christian is what helps create a freedom of living globally. That freedom is perverted into a dependency of voting for the candidate hiding behind a cross, when in fact that vote takes away freedom. A second thought is that I believe that a rising tide raises all boats, but when some of the boats can rise faster than most if not all of the others, (no physics implied here) eventually too many of those boats go underwater. It is inevitable that unregulated capitalism will lead to feudalism. It just takes some time. What mystifies me is how those that will suffer continue to vote against their own best interest because the candidates cloak themselves in a wrap of patriotism, economic fantasies, and religion. We’re still in Plato’s cave.

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    Richard Ivans

    You guys need to look into the mirror more often.

    If that look reveals what you despise then you ought to change, be the change you preach. No?
    I’m guessing most of you have an income above the average, and a net worth greater than the average, at least for your age. If that is so then shouldn’t you reach into your pocket and donate some money to the needy, to help lift up folks below the average, and to lower yourself?

    Or is it just the billionaires whose wealth you want to redistribute? Just the people like Donald Trump who employ tens of thousands, provide goods and services millions eagerly purchase? Just those people’s wealth should be redistributed, not yours?
    How many of you white guys married a black women? a yellow, red, brown woman? Why not?

    How many of you guys married another man? why not?

    Are you prejudiced? it seems so. Just by chance some of you white guys should’ve married a man of a different color, if you weren’t prejudiced. No?

    It seems you are prejudiced, no?

    You’ve heard people say, “This is Indian Land”. So how many of you here in America have given your real estate back to the Indians? why not?

    If you live in Europe, how many of you Vikings, Magyars, Moors, Romans have given back your land to the indigenous people?
    How many of you have a 401(k) or a 403(b) stuffed with corporate stocks and bonds, the hallmarks of capitalism. The stuff that “rich, greedy, labor abusing” capitalists own. Most of you do.

    Most of you, or if you are young most of your parents own lots of corporate stocks and bonds. You are the people who hire workers to make cars, mill steel, make tanks, sell TVs, produce industrial chemicals, make and sell Big Macs, and all the other things massive capitalist corporations do.

    Look at your, or your parent’s, portfolio. It has stock and bond mutual funds. Stocks of Walmart, GM, Boeing, Monsanto. Bonds from JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Ford Motor Company.

    Joe has his wealth in those capitalist corporations. So do I. So does every other MSU employee and retiree. So do the others among you who work for a company of any size larger than a mom and pop store.

    Look in the mirror and you will see a capitalist. Socialism might come out of your mouth but capitalism is what you see in the mirror.

    If you are retired like Joe and me then, except for Social Security, all the money you get and spend comes from your corporate holdings.

    Here’s what you do. Sell all your corporate stock and bonds and buy only government debt — government bonds, bills and notes. But, none of you will do this, because you won’t make as much money. You won’t because you are the greedy capitalists you preach against. You like money. Who doesn’t?

    When you look in the mirror you see someone who likes the thousands and thousands of dollars your net worth has increased since last Nov 8. You like “The Trump Rally”.
    “precarious change in planetary climate ”

    The world average carbon footprint is 4 tons per year.
    How many of you have a carbon footprint under 4 tons per year?
    None of you. Most of you are above 16 tons per year.

    You want others to lower *their* carbon footprint to reverse what you claim will be a catastrophic hot earth. You want others to lower their footprint below the average, while you enjoy heating and air conditioning, iced drinks in the summer, olive oil shipped to you from Europe 🙂 . While you tool around town in your car, fly in airplanes, chug along in trains, and plow the seas in boats, all spewing out carbon.

    Shouldn’t you curtail your travel until zero carbon transportation is possible? Yes, to be true to your preaching, you should. But like your capitalist greed you just can’t help yourself. So you preach that other people need to put out the effort to change the world into the model you would like it to be.
    “love thy neighbor as thyself”

    How many of you have no fence around your yard, no wall around your living room kitchen and bedroom? None of you. You all have walls to keep strangers out. All of you want your property and privacy protected. Your money is in a bank with really really thick walls. Xenophobic?
    “The invasion of a “social media””

    How many of you use Twitter? How many know what Twitter is?
    How many of you wish the President used Twitter less or not at all?

    Isn’t it odd that the pundits in the media trash the President for using Twitter while they themselves us it, a lot? And the common man and woman on the street also trash the President for using Twitter when they don’t even know what Twitter is?

    I hope you don’t see that when you look in the mirror.

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