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Joseph P Natoli is a retired college professor and author of numerous books on culture and politics. He is a member of the editorial collective of BAD SUBJECTS, the oldest political online magazine on the web. He writes regularly for a number of political and pop culture online magazines, including SENSES OF CINEMA, BRIGHT LIGHTS FILM JOURNAL, POPMATTERS, AMERICANA, DANDELION SALAD, GODOT, TRUTHOUT

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  1. 1

    Anthony Bernardo

    Common he’s a moron. He’s stiffed as many people as he’s paid, he’s a habitual liar, nobody knows how much his net assets are, he inherited about 3 to 4 hundred million dollars in 1999and just investing that in an index fund would make him a billionaire, he went bankrupt 4times in the 80s and 90s, was actually put on a budget by the NY courts because of his inability to handle money, is a moral derelict (ask Ivana or Marla) and a general all around asshole.

  2. 2

    Anthony Bernardo

    Look you just got a bunch of facts. Look it up and don’t waste my time until you do. I lived it while it happened in NY/NJ. If you were half as smart as you think you are, you would do the research.

  3. 3

    Anthony Bernardo

    We don’t know when the money legally transferred. If 2 years earlier, it’s not a doubling it’s much more. Dow Jones was 7000 ish in 97. That is 1.2 billion at the low end and 1.6 billion at the high end. But further, he was given 25% of his fathers business in 1975 ish (business insider) worth about 200 million in 75 dollars. Forbes estimates (8/15) that had he just invested his money at an index fund he would be worth 10 billion, rather than the 3.4 billion they estimated then. An, er, my businesses did quite well in the corporate world. What did you do? Write programs?

  4. 4

    Anthony Bernardo

    Do you know what brevity is?

  5. 5

    Anthony Bernardo

    Fuck you Ivans. The end

  6. 6

    Anthony Bernardo

    Yes you’re right, but at least I apply judgement.

  7. 7

    Anthony Bernardo

    Richard please look up Forbes yourself.

  8. 8

    Anthony Bernardo

    And look up Forbes yourself

  9. 9

    Anthony Bernardo

    Richard I did look up the Politico article I think you referenced and it plainly says he inherited at least 100 million, and perhaps 200 million in 1999. He was also, in the same Politico article, cited by Forbes to be worth 200 million in 1982 by running his father’s business. The Dow appreciated approximately 9%/yr since 1980, which is where Forbes likely comes up with his net worth of 3.4 billion in circa 2015. You know, I don’t like you Richard. I don’t like Trump either but You – I like less. How did you ever hold a job, or did you?

  10. 10

    Anthony Bernardo

    And telling you to fuck off was excellent judgement. I’ll bet I’m not the first.

  11. 11

    Anthony Bernardo

    More important than our debate is that the essay is right on the button. We are what is our world view and the facts be damned if they disagree. That is the world we live in.

  12. 12

    Anthony Bernardo

    I thoroughly enjoy debate but I totally disagree with you. As you so clearly painted me in another response I don’t think you know what you’re talking about most of the time, but you are good at refute using meaningless detail. Actually, since I don’t know you it’s illogical to not like you, but I totally disagree with you.

  13. 13

    Anthony Bernardo

    Actually it’s all true. Look it up. He got hundreds of millions from his father, although not all in 1999. I believe that the 8/15 issue of Forbes lays it all out, but there are plenty of others. Regarding my profanity, it’s politically incorrect, as is lauded by our fearless leader.

  14. 15

    Anthony Bernardo

    There’s no point to continuing this.

  15. 16

    Anthony Bernardo

    Actually, I do think your a phony and there’s no point to continuing this. As far as the postings, look them up yourself. If you’re as smart as you think you are, it should be relatively easy.

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