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Joseph P Natoli is a retired college professor and author of numerous books on culture and politics. He is a member of the editorial collective of BAD SUBJECTS, the oldest political online magazine on the web. He writes regularly for a number of political and pop culture online magazines, including SENSES OF CINEMA, BRIGHT LIGHTS FILM JOURNAL, POPMATTERS, AMERICANA, DANDELION SALAD, GODOT, TRUTHOUT

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  1. 2

    Einar Nordgaard

    Richard and once again you doe not know the meaning of Socialism.
    You probably hunted down commies when you where a young boy or didn’t you.

  2. 3

    Einar Nordgaard

    Richard, I beg to differ
    The argument is there, btw for the second time.

  3. 4

    Einar Nordgaard

    here you go:
    In socialism the government walks around with a gun forcing you to get with the plan.
    – most of the countries that have a Socialist-led government have less mass killings in their schools,universities, cinemas, bowling alleys etc etc.
    – a better life expectancy at birth.
    – a healthier life

  4. 5

    Einar Nordgaard

    and again
    Socialist East Germany
    Socialist North Korea
    Socialist China
    these / are were dictators
    and has got nothing to do with socialisme
    (As is killing all the native Americans makes you a good christian)
    MASS KILLINGS happened again a few days ago Oregon

  5. 6

    Jeff Chelf

    Richard, stop upsetting Einar with your nonsense.

  6. 7
  7. 8

    Einar Nordgaard

    Again that gun??
    CAPITALISM = Richards warped view on the worlds history
    BTW I am not upset at all

  8. 9

    Einar Nordgaard

    Why not play a game on guns?
    Only winners in that game 🙂

  9. 10

    Einar Nordgaard

    Country nr 1: the USA when they killed all the native Americans

  10. 11

    Einar Nordgaard

    2nd every single English and Dutch Colony
    3rd every Spanish invaded country

    ( damn totally forgot your history books does not go that far 🙂 )

  11. 12

    Einar Nordgaard

    let me rephrase that: 90%

  12. 13

    Einar Nordgaard

    btw have you ever been out side of Michigan

  13. 14

    Einar Nordgaard

    i just gave it to an irrational man
    now let’s go for the kill
    All the CAPITALIST countries that were one way or the other, supported by the USA to gain Oil or other minerals all those dictators where and are CAPITALIST
    and yet the free world” is fighting them right now
    how Ironic

  14. 15

    Einar Nordgaard

    i guess you ran out of guns 😉
    BTW lovely weather isn’t it

  15. 16

    Einar Nordgaard

    no you have to stand inline for your next turn
    you are nr 369

  16. 17

    Einar Nordgaard

    do you even know that the term NATIONAL SOCIALIST means?
    and please do not start with WE, YOU did not fight during that war

  17. 18

    Einar Nordgaard

    and yet:
    Hitler believed that private ownership was useful in that it encouraged creative competition and technical innovation

  18. 19

    Einar Nordgaard

    One of the tasks we had when I served was to protect Norway and other NATO countries. We were protecting Norway from full blown socialism to their east

    Who told you that
    Richard Nixon?

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