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Joseph P Natoli is a retired college professor and author of numerous books on culture and politics. He is a member of the editorial collective of BAD SUBJECTS, the oldest political online magazine on the web. He writes regularly for a number of political and pop culture online magazines, including SENSES OF CINEMA, BRIGHT LIGHTS FILM JOURNAL, POPMATTERS, AMERICANA, DANDELION SALAD, GODOT, TRUTHOUT

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    Anthony Bernardo

    You can go back even further, to George Wallace, or even earlier. The scary part is that the mob moved from being localized to nationalized over the last 60 years giving rise to fearful mob exploitation by the nominee of a major party. Kind of like a slowly spreading pandemic that started in one house in one town. My explanation of the increase in the mob, which will no doubt awaken the wrath of at least one of your readers, is that free market capitalism is a great system for a time, as was mercantilism as claimed by their advocates, or divine royalty as claimed by their advocates. I’ve always been a free marketer, but not unregulated free markets nor markets that leave too many behind, which is what we are now experiencing. Unregulated free market capitalism, without an adequate social safety net, nor an adequate understanding by the mob of basic supply demand economics or history is what’s giving rise to the spreading mob, and the nomination of a Trump by a major American party. The country has failed miserably to prepare the population with the tools to thrive in a rapidly changing world, spending way too much time on creationism debates or intruding into a woman’s life, as examples, rather than preparing for what globalization would mean for our working people of all collars. After WW2 the government provided for the education of our vets and they created the next 50 years of growth; now we do nothing publically to prepare the next generation. Norquist’s bathtub doesn’t help matters either, but exacerbates the situation instead. At the same time, our advertising convinces that everyone must, absolutely must, own the newest gadget, own their own home, three TVs minimum, and a general consumer driven American dream now reserved for only those that have the skills to compete in a global economic system or global and technology proof occupations. (The Ford Rouge plant that once had no robots and about 60,000 employees, now has many, many robots and about 6,000 employees – technology is also working against the good manufacturing jobs we used to have and they “ain’t” coming back under any circumstances, NAFTA or no NAFTA; China or no China). Unfortunately, neither HRC or DT is likely going to provide an answer, and certainly not DT.

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    Anthony Bernardo

    You don’t pay for your medical exam either. In part I do. Insurance is the purest form of socialism in this country. It’s pure redistribution. If we had to pay it all ourselves, we’d all be dead.

    1. 2.1

      Anthony Bernardo

      Delusion is a wonderful form of rationalism. Redistribution of funds is socialism regardless of who does the redistribution.

    2. 2.2

      Anthony Bernardo

      Your examples are a stretch at best. Capitalism is supposed to be primarily win win not zero sum. Of course on a micro level it’s win lose but macro it has to be win win or major conflict will arise as history has shown.

    3. 2.3

      Anthony Bernardo

      Almost forgot. I pay my insurance policy to protect me not you. Your use of my funds is a consequence not an intent.

    4. 2.4

      Anthony Bernardo

      My point is that my insurance premiums pay your bills and visa versa depending. Of course I pay the insurance company freely, but not to pay for your illness; to pay for mine. If my funds are given to you instead well then I don’t agree but the insurance imposes that condition. Socialism. And almost forgot just means that, but I remembered.

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    Anthony Bernardo

    Sorry, but you’re using my money redistributed through the insurance company. That’s socialism. I obviously don’t have a problem with that. But I’d suggest you stand in front of a mirror and repeat three times – I support socialist organizations like insurance. If you don’t collapse, lose your voice, or drop dead, it will show you it’s all OK.

  4. 4

    Anthony Bernardo

    Richard, you’re beyond hope. But if you are happy, it’s all OK.

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    Anthony Bernardo

    An insurance company sells auto insurance to 10 guys. Each pays 100$/mo. Nine of them has no incident, but one has a $12000 payment for an accident. His $100 bought him $10,800 of the other people’s money that they paid for their own protection. The $10,800 was redistributed from their accounts to pay for one guys accident.

  6. 6

    Anthony Bernardo

    They didn’t want that and asked for their money back. But the insurance company said that was the deal. Their money went to payoff somebody else’s problem. The government collects taxes from 100 million people. They redistribute it to services for 320million people. The 100 million don’t like that their tax money was redistributed from their accounts to pay for the other 220 million. The 100 million don’t like that. They want to reduce taxes and only have the government use the money for themselves. The call the redistribution socialism. They made the other 200 million have a higher net worth. Except, the 100 million,or a few of them call it socialism. they all got what they paid for.

  7. 7

    Anthony Bernardo

    I see no difference. One takes your money in return for protection and distributes it to others that need it more. The other takes your money in return for protection and distributes it to others that need it more. Both offer protection. Both redistribute. Both provide services. Both give you a choice to participate or not participate. ( In the case of the government, you have a choice to move to less expensive places like Syria, Lebanon, or Guatemala, or where ever; you’ll get nothing, but you pay nothing of course.) What’s that old line, “nothing ain’t worth nothing but it’s free”.

  8. 9

    Anthony Bernardo

    You don’t understand Richard. Enough means the conversation is over.

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